Should You Buy Wholesale Diamonds?

Wholesale Diamonds

Should You Buy Wholesale Diamonds?

Should You Buy Wholesale Diamonds? Texans are known for their love for living large! So, when they go looking for diamonds, they want only the best. However, getting the best doesn’t always mean that they need to be the most expensive.

So, the next time you are looking to buy diamond jewelry in Houston, think about visiting a wholesaler. Here’s why.

  • Cost

Diamond wholesalers buy their diamonds in bulk, and then sell them to retail stores across the state. Not many wholesalers sell diamonds to individual customers, but there is one in Houston that does.

Diamond Plaza Texas sells the best wholesale diamonds and prices that are lower than even other wholesalers’ prices.

  • Range of Choice

When you buy wholesale diamonds in Texas, you get a much larger range of stones to pick from.

Diamond Plaza offers the best loose diamonds in Texas. The wholesaler also stocks the widest range of loose diamonds in the state. So, you not only get quality, but you also get to choose exactly the cut, the quality and the size of diamond you want.

  • Custom Design

And if you can’t find the exact piece of diamond jewelry you want, you can get one custom made. All you need to do is pick the diamond, choose a design for the setting and the experts at Diamond Plaza Texas will make a brand-new piece just for you.

The best part about shopping for diamond jewelry at Diamond Plaza Texas is that you can actually see the experts at work! It’s fascinating!

  • Planning Ahead

If you are planning to buy diamond jewelry but you don’t quite have the budget to buy that beautiful necklace or pair of earrings or ring that you want, you can actually plan ahead and break down your costs.

When you buy from a wholesaler, there are 3 basic costs you will bear – the cost of the diamonds, the cost of the precious metal, and the cost of the workmanship.

So, what you can do is buy the loose diamonds in Houston first. And then, at a later stage, you can choose to get the piece made. So, you plan ahead and also manage your budget.

  • Get Educated on How to Choose Diamonds

When you visit Diamond Plaza Texas, you will also be educated on how to choose the right diamond. When selecting a diamond, you need to know about the 4Cs – the cut of the diamond, the clarity, the carat-weight and the color of the diamond.

These 4Cs determine the quality of a diamond, however, there are other factors that also need to be considered. There are some not-so-honest retailers who may fill in the faults in a stone, or alter a diamond to make it look better. This actually reduces the value of a diamond.

So, when you know what to look for, you will find exactly the right quality diamond at a fair price.

Jewelry retail stores are wonderful to browse through, however, if you really are serious about buy diamonds, then it would be advisable to visit diamond wholesalers too. That way, you can see the difference in price, range and quality for yourself.

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