Buying the Best Cushion Cut Diamond in Houston, Texas

Best Cushion Cut Diamond in Houston

Buying the Best Cushion Cut Diamond in Houston, Texas

Buying the Best Cushion Cut Diamond in Houston, Texas. Most engagement rings in Texas today are diamond, because diamonds convey the message of a forever love better than any other precious stone. The challenge about find that perfect engagement ring is that there are so many choices that it actually becomes difficult to choose that one perfect ring.

So, if you are looking for something that is stunning but different, look for the cushion cut diamond.

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

This diamond cut has become hugely popular in the last 10 years or so. It combines the brilliance of the modern round-cut diamond, with the class of the vintage old mine-facet pattern cut.

The stone is cut is such a way that it has a square or rectangular shape, but with rounded edges. It resembles the shape of a pillow, hence the name cushion.

While its brilliance may be less than that of the round cut diamond, the fire within the stone is much deeper. Fire is the term used to describe how light is broken down into different colors when it hits the diamond. So, when you hold a cushion cut diamond up to the light, its fire is stunning!

Pros of Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond

Here is why you should buy a cushion cut diamond!

  • Brilliance and Fire

While it is not as brilliant as a round cut (which has the highest brilliance among all cuts), the cushion cut diamond does have its own stunning brilliance. Added to that, it has a much deeper fire than any other diamond cut.

  • Unique Shape

The cushion cut diamond has a unique shape that will make your engagement ring stand out.

  • Durability

Because this cut has rounded edges, the cushion cut diamond is more durable. Other diamonds that have sharp edges tend to get chipped over time, especially the princess cut. But because the edges have been rounded off, cushion cut diamonds will retain their perfection for a lifetime.

  • Blend of Modern and Classic

The best cushion cut diamonds are a perfect blend of modern and classic, and no other diamond cut does that better than the cushion cut. The place where you can buy the best cushion cut diamonds in Texas is at Diamond Plaza Texas in Houston.

  • Cost

Cushion cut diamonds are at least 25% cheaper than round cut diamonds. This is because a lot of the diamond gets chipped away when a jeweler is making a round cut diamond.

Cons of Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond

The biggest challenge with buying a cushion cut diamond is that the imperfections in the stone are easier to spot because of its open table (the flat surface of the diamond).

Added to that, this cut has several different variations such as modified cushion, chunky cushion, or even classic cushion, which can get confusing. However, if you go to Diamond Plaza Texas, the experts in that wholesale diamond store can help you understand the differences and also help you pick out the best cushion cut diamond in Houston.

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