All You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

cushion cut diamond

All You Need to Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut diamond is one of the oldest cuts, having been created about 200 years ago. This stunning design is also sometimes called the old mine cut, and, until the turn of the 20th century, was one of the most popular designs for diamonds and other gemstones.

With improvements in cutting technology, jewelers were able to create the round cut diamond, which overtook the cushion cut in popularity. However, in the last decade, it’s made huge comeback and has now become one of the most popular engagement rings today.

So, what’s so special about cushion cut diamonds? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Unique Setting

There is no other diamond cut that stands out quite as much as the cushion cut when it’s in a halo setting.

  • Variations of Cushion Cut Diamonds

You have two different variations of the cushion cut – the chunky cushion and the crushed ice cushion.

  • The chunky cushion cut (also called the cushion brilliant or the antique cushion cut) has clearly defined and larger facets, and resemble round cut diamonds. This also means that they have much greater brilliance.
  • The crushed ice cushion, on the other hand, has no specific faceting pattern. And because the facets seem to be haphazard, the diamond resembles crushed ice. These diamonds are also referred to as cushion modified brilliant diamonds.
  • Ability to Retain Color

One of the most unique qualities of a cushion cut diamond is that it maximizes the beauty of the stone’s color. Which is why you will find this cut being used for colored diamonds as well as other precious stones.

  • Deeper Fire

While a cushion cut diamond will not have the same brilliance as a round cut diamond, it has a depth of fire that you will not find in other cuts. Fire is the term used to describe how light breaks up into different colors when it hits this diamond.

Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds in Texas

If you live in Texas and are looking to buy the best cushion cut diamonds, then you should visit Diamond Plaza Texas. This wholesale jeweler is one of Houston’s best kept secrets and you need to make an appointment before you visit.

Diamond Plaza Texas offers you the widest range of diamonds in Houston, at price ranges that suit all budgets. Because this store is a wholesale jewelry store, you will not pay for the markups that retail jewelry stores have (since they need to pay their suppliers and middlemen), which means that you can get excellent quality cushion cut diamonds at much lower prices.

If you can’t find the variation of the cushion cut you are looking for at Diamond Plaza Texas, simply ask them to show you their loose diamond collection, and the diamond expert at the store can cut the diamond to your liking!

That way, you can have that perfect cushion cut diamond ring (or any other piece of jewelry!) that you have always wanted.

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