A Step-by-Step Guide on How Custom Design Engagement Rings Are Made

Custom Design Engagement Rings

A Step-by-Step Guide on How Custom Design Engagement Rings Are Made

We get it–custom design engagement rings may initially sound inaccessible and expensive. However, the truth is that these custom-made rings are actually just as accessible as the cookie-cutter rings that retail stores sell. Not to mention, it’s far more romantic and personal when you propose with a ring that matches your soon-to-be fiancee’s taste too.


Still, we understand that you might have questions as to how you can design your own ring with help from our experts here at Diamond Plaza Texas. Keep on reading to learn the steps involved in making custom design engagement rings in Texas.


Step 1: You tell us your budget

With an engagement on the horizon, you want to be able to hold a tighter rein on your budget. And the first considerable expense that you need to make: buying an engagement ring. The common misconception is that bespoke rings are expensive and unattainable. However, what you’ll love about custom-made rings is that you can set your budget and work around that.


With our help, you’ll be able to get a ring that is within your means. For flexibility in the overall cost, give us a visit for custom design engagement rings in Houston.


Step 2: Figure out what the ring will look like

In most cases, there are three basic elements that you will need to decide on: the stone, band, and the setting. Let’s discuss each of these ring elements below.


Stone – let us know if you want a single stone on your ring or a cluster of stones around the band. You’ll be able to decide what stones to include and in what shapes and sizes too.


Setting – with our help and guidance, you can choose from a variety of methods in holding your stones in place.


Band – also known as the shank, your band’s thickness should be appropriate to the stone and the setting that you choose. We can assist you in finding the best one based on your previous choices.


Step 3: We’ll cast and make the final product

Once you’ve told us your preferences and shared your vision for the perfect ring, we’ll create a sketch for you to approve. Once the initial QA is done, we’ll go ahead and create the mold for you.


Each of our rings is handcrafted and made with the best materials. If you’re looking for the perfect studio, visit us for custom design diamond rings in Houston.



So that’s it–getting a custom-made ring is actually not as tedious and expensive as one might initially think. Of course, there’s still work to be done in between these steps, but this is essentially how it works when obtaining a custom-made ring.


With our help and your vision and creativity, we’ll be able to craft the perfect engagement ring that your future bride will be sure to love. All that is left to do after we have worked our magic is for you to propose–best of luck to you and we hope to see you here soon in our store!

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